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Closeup of a call center employee with headset at workplace 121198339No matter which home security company you’re looking at going with, you should look at home security reviews beforehand. Home security companies each have upsides as well as downsides, and reviews will tell you what those are so that you are prepared when you go to talk to the companies themselves. Here is a quick review of some of the most popular national home security companies, with information gathered from a compilation of other reviews. Note: These are not listed in any order of rank.

FrontPoint Security – Consistently ranked high in home security reviews. Their home security systems are completely wireless so that installation is easy and service is reliable. Reviews also respect them well for their monitoring services and pricing. They offer a 1 year contract (far shorter than industry average).

Vivint – The young men with the clean haircuts and bright orange shirts selling security systems over the summer are from Vivint. Because they’re big on sales, their customer relations are mixed in ratings by home security reviews. Still, their products are always incorporating the newest technological advancements for high quality security devices ( at slightly higher prices).

Lifeshield Security – Monitoring services are offered 24/7 nationwide. Lifeshield creates and sells its own home security products at rates that are a bargain. They are one of the largest home security companies in business today.

Protect America – Affordable pricing, including free security products when you sign a contract with them. They are also well rated for their customer service on home security reviews.

Pinnacle Home Security – A new but fast-growing company, Pinnacle is receiving positive home security reviews for their goals and motivations for quality customer service and home security systems.

Broadview Security – Formerly Brinks Home Security, Broadview sells high quality home security systems, albeit at a more expensive rate.

Protection 1 Security Solutions – High score with the Better Business Bureau. Their monitoring services are fairly extensive in range, with many overlapping so that homes in their service area are doubly covered when emergencies happen.

ADT Security – ADT is known for being the oldest home security business in the book. Home security reviews rate their systems as excellent but on the expensive side. Their well-known name indicates that even having ADT signs in your yard may ward off burglars.

Monitronics Home Security – Monitoring services with record holding response times (23 seconds, according to one home security review). Family Pet 153703963Their products are also well rated by home security reviews.

Alarm Force – One of the least expensive providers for home security. Alarm Force is rated well for free installation and low monthly cost for monitoring services with the industry standard of 3 years for the contract. Customer service is also well received.

Guardian Protection – Guardian is well rated for customer care. They offer a good variety of products for home automation and home security systems.

SafeMart – Generally well rated on all accounts, including equipment, customer service, and pricing.

Other home security reviews will give more details, but hopefully this short list will be of service to you as you peruse home security companies, looking for the home security system provider you like best.

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