Elements of a Wireless Security Camera System

Much like any other kind of wireless system, a wireless security camera system has several elements that must be included and a few others that should be included. Wireless security cameras are handy to have on hand for multiple reasons – having cameras placed about your property can be a great deterrence for criminal activity, and they also allow you to catch criminals in the act. Here are some of the elements of a wireless security camera system, both necessary and beneficial:


cameras-160997702Of course, any wireless security camera system would be incomplete without cameras. There are several different kinds of cameras commonly used in home security. These include pan tilt zoom cameras, hidden cameras, dome cameras, pro box cameras, and more. The cameras are the security devices that you place around your property to monitor what is going on. They’re basically the extension of your vision for you, so that you can use them to watch the things you don’t have time to keep an eye on.


Having a monitor is also an essential part of the wireless security camera system. A monitor allows you to view what the cameras themselves view. However many security cameras you have around your home for video surveillance, you can have them hooked to project onto one monitor so that you can view through their lenses without having to jump around from camera to camera. The monitor may be stationary or it may be connected to your cellular device for remote viewing. Some monitors can show both live streaming and recorded video content, which brings us to our next point.


No wireless security camera system is worthwhile without some sort of recording capability. Some can record for days or weeks on end, depending on the amount of space that the home security camera system has available. This recording can be DVR, built-in storage, SD card, etc.

Visual Features

Certain visual features may not be required, but having them makes them much more purposeful. Some cameras may be excellent quality during the day, but they’re unable to capture a good image at nighttime. These are not as useful for security cameras! Nighttime vision is one of those elements that really should be included in every camera that’s in your wireless security camera system, if not in at least a couple of them.

Weather Protection

home-security-78751430If you intend to place any security cameras outside, you should get some sort of weather protection for them. Cameras that sit underneath a rooftop may be generally well protected, but all should at least be sturdy enough to handle rain and snow (if your area receives precipitation) and harsh temperatures (if your area gets particularly cold or hot). Some cameras have built-in weatherproofing while others need shields or other protection to keep them safe from the elements.

The above features, along with a dependable home alarm service, will make your wireless security camera system strong and sturdy. With any luck, you’ll be able to prevent anyone from breaking in – or at least be able to catch them on camera if they try.

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